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Hudson River History - SOC-974

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This course will examine the history of one of the most important waterways in America. No other river has held such importance in the history and development of the United States. This course will allow teachers to become more knowledgeable about this great waterway. Educators will explore the rich history of the Hudson River beginning with the early Native American cultures and the voyages of European explorers. During the American Revolution the Hudson became a battleground that determined the fate of the United States. Following the war technological wonders such as the steamboat and the Erie Canal helped propel New York State into the Industrial Revolution. During the Civil War the Hudson became a major center of weapons production and helped supercharge the North's war effort. Following the war the Hudson Valley became the center for explosive industrial growth and the home of powerful Captains of Industry. The Hudson's predominance in industry continued to grow throughout both World Wars. During the Great Depression the Hudson Valley became an integral part of the New Deal. By the 1960's the Hudson had become polluted and its natural beauty spoiled from rampant development. It became the center of a new environmental movement that begins today. Educators will use this knowledge to create lesson plans based on the history of the Hudson River. This course fits into Eras 1 through 9 from the National Center for History in the Schools learning standards. Required text must be purchased separately.

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