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Explore the San Joaquin River - SOC-972

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This independent study field experience/travel course uses the Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway to examine the history, geography, and uses of the San Joaquin River, paying close attention to the effect humanity has had on the landscape. Participants will experience spectacular views; understand the geology; learn about the Native American perspective of the river environment; see how mining, logging, dam building, and grazing have altered the river and its the landscape; and learn techniques for developing their own field experience classes. Students will be required to visit sites along the Scenic Byway, listen to interviews, view files online, and use the Internet. An optional text is recommended and students will need a field guide to Sierra Nevada vegetation of some sort. Other course materials will be mailed to the student upon enrollment in the course. The course will address grades 3 - 12 State and National Standards in the fields of California History, Geology, Native American Studies, Geography, U. S. History, and Language Arts.

Course Type: Online

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