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New York City: The Am Revolutn - SOC-971

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This course will examine the importance of New York City in the nation's struggle for independence from 1775 to 1783. More than any other city in America, New York City was a key strategic location for both sides in the American Revolution. Throughout the summer of 1776 Washington prepared to defend the city because of its importance. The Battle that took place in August was the largest land battle ever fought during the American Revolution and the first battle to be fought by an America that recently declared its Independence. Its capture by the British nearly spelled the end of America's struggle. The city became an occupied military town and a place where American prisoners were held. George Washington became obsessed with its recapture and this guided many of his strategic moves throughout the American Revolution. This course will examine the events and history of America's most strategic city throughout the war for independence. The course also offers a TRAVEL OPTION that will allow the participant to visit New York City and see sites that were important during the American Revolution first hand. Required course materials must be purchased separately.

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