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America Goes Modern:The 1920s - SOC-955

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The 1920's were years of rapid and startling changes in the ways many Americans thought and lived their lives. Almost overnight, it seemed that America moved from a predominantly rural, traditional, agrarian society to an urbanized, business-centered, and increasingly secular culture. In this decade that brought forth the best and worst of human nature, saw unprecedented technological advances, and took America from dizzying heights of material prosperity to the despair of national economic collapse, modern America was born. Based on curriculum standards set forth by the National Council for the Social Studies, this course will enable educators to analyze the cultural, social, political, economic, technological, intellectual, and religious strands that wove the 1920's together and made the era 'roar.' The course is designed primarily for social studies/history teachers at the middle and high school levels, but other levels are welcome. Required course materials must be purchased separately.

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