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Agriculture:Past-Prsnt-Future - SOC-954

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This course is designed to help all classroom teachers increase their agricultural literacy and become more knowledgeable about the importance of agriculture in their own state and nation. No prior agricultural background is required. The scenario for this course uses examples from California's Central Valley. A primary emphasis is placed on small family farms. Teachers explore their own local farm industries to become familiar with contributions and problems faced by farmers, labor contractors, farm workers, and others involved in putting food on our nation's tables. Assignments and materials provide information and practice related to content standards appropriate for agriculture in the classroom instruction. Course materials include a CD, video, text, course booklet, and a Teacher Resource Guide to Educational Materials about Agriculture. Teachers need a PC with Windows 95 or higher. No special technical skills or programs are required. Simply insert the CD and you'll soon meet many ordinary people involved in our nation's food production. A course computer consultant is available via telephone or email at no charge before and during course enrollment. View additional information at http://www.teacherslearningconnection.com/

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