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Phys Sci Activities Gr 1-3 - SCI-900

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The experiments in Physical Science Activities for the Primary Grades engage students in the exploration of concepts covering water, air, energy, gravity, electricity, and magnetism. The lessons presented encourage students to take a constructivist approach to learning as they develop inquiry skills. Throughout this course, teachers will create an environment in which they work together with their students as active learners. In addition, students will increase their understanding of physical science through the presentation of investigations that allow them to manipulate common objects and materials found in their environment. The course content will allow students to not only be involved in learning experiences that answer simple questions but also communicate the results of those experiences to others. Teachers will be provided with background information for each experiment so that they may encourage alternative explanations and develop critical and logical thinking in their students.

Students in the preschool and lower primary grades can be involved at the awareness level with demonstrations that are designed to arouse their natural curiosity at the pre-conceptual level. The emphasis at this level is on the development of sensory-motor, observation, and communication skills. After students have developed readiness for a particular concept through awareness level activities, the concept can be presented by introducing it in a formal classroom lesson. The emphasis at this level is to involve students in using comparison and organizational skills. As students gain an understanding about basic science concepts, they become ready for experiences that help them to develop mastery. At this level, they can be involved in experiments that include the application of appropriate mathematical concepts and skills in interpreting data and solving problems. Although most of the students using these course activities will be involved at the awareness and formal introduction levels, each of the teacher's pages provides suggestions for challenging the higher achieving students through use of extension investigations.

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