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Math Activities-Int Grades - MAT-901A

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The activities in this online course are designed to serve as reviews, diagnostic aids, and remedial teaching tools for teachers who are working with students in grades four, five, and six. Integrating theory and practice, this course presents innovative teaching strategies utilizing a variety of high-interest formats. The learning experiences are easily adaptable to meet the various learning styles and needs as well as prepare students for achievement testing. The activities in Math Activities for the Intermediate Grades cover numeration, reading numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, money, measurement, fractional numbers, decimals, and problem solving.

Course participants will also have the chance to interact with the instructor and their classmates in the online environment as they complete assignments. The teacher-friendly formats are designed for active participation of all students in both small group and whole class lessons. The concept and skill areas presented in this course are aligned with national, state, and local guidelines. In addition, the lessons are easily integrated into existing mathematics programs.

Course Type: Online

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