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Math Activities-Primary Grades - MAT-900

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The activities in this course are designed to serve as reviews, diagnostic aids, and remedial teaching tools for teachers who are working with students in grades one, two, and three. Using a variety of high-interest formats that can easily be adapted for different achievement levels and concept areas, teachers are provided with an easy-to-use and understand resource that is also useful for introducing new skills and preparing students for achievement testing. The activities in Math Activities for the Primary Grades cover numeration, reading numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, money, fractional numbers, and problem solving. The teacher-friendly formats are designed for active participation of all students in both small group and whole class lessons.

Many of the activities can also be used for peer and cross age tutoring situations and as homework assignments to encourage parental involvement. Each of the activities has an accompanying teacher's page that states the objective, indicates a procedure, and gives suggestions for adapting the activity to higher or lower achievement levels. The concept and skill areas presented in this course are aligned with national, state, and local guidelines. In addition, the lessons are easily integrated into existing mathematics programs.

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