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Hispanic Folktales - LIT-911

Student rating: 4.50

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There is no richer, more enjoyable, or convenient vehicle than folktales from which students are able to learn about another culture. Folktales are a 'fingerprint of history' revealing setting, customs, flavor of locality, origins or tradition, and history. They can demonstrate attitudes, priorities, and moral outlook and at the same time, maintain a student's interest. Their appeal lies in the various levels of interpretation and appreciation. Their contribution to multi-cultural understanding, in today's world, is most important and this class is also adaptable to the foreign language classroom. Students will read a brief text, define motifs, identify cultural aspects, compare and contrast and list commonalities. Students are asked to identify specific state or district standards and explain how the lessons are aligned with the standards. Information in this course is in alignment with the McRel standards for United States in Literature www.mcrel.org

Course Type: Distance