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Developmental Reading Methods - ELA-902

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Developmental Reading Methods and Activities is designed for kindergarten through third grade teachers. This course integrates theory and practice, using innovative teaching strategies. Teachers will engage their students in activities that promote reading skills and are easily adaptable to meet the various learning styles and needs often found in the classroom.

This activity-based course provides the teacher with standards-focused instructional activities that range from phonemic awareness to fluency, all linked to children's choices in literature. The activities develop visual discrimination, oral communication, letter recognition, letter sounds, vocabulary, and much more. The activities are easily adaptable to meet the needs of whole class or individual students. In addition, the teacher will be provided with ways to determine if their students are able to recognize and decode words as well as check for comprehension through listening, speaking, recalling, and predicting. Many of the activities are game-type in nature with the goal being that the students develop a zest for learning and the efficiency for remembering what was learned is enhanced. Teachers will be presented with ideas for integrating the activities and concepts into other curricular areas and suggestions are offered for involving the parents of primary students and those whose first language is not English in the educational process of their children.

The books suggested as 'Literature Links' to the specific skills are books chosen as favorites by primary students. The key to success for implementing these techniques is to link them in some way to books students request and enjoy. Letter/sound, correlation activities and the other reading subskills become much more meaningful to students when they are connected to a favorite book. In addition, the bibliography was compiled in collaboration with teachers and librarians with a focus on 'book popularity' with students. The bibliography can be used to select appropriate books to use with the activities presented in this course.

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