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Curriculum Games Primary - EDU-902

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In order to maximize the teaching/learning experience, an effort should be made to make learning a pleasantly stimulating and exciting experience. One way to achieve this is to use games because they provide attractive frameworks for learning. Due to the fact that games are a novelty they arouse interest, and in turn, what otherwise may be tedious drills become fun. Well-planned curriculum games not only help to develop a zest for learning; they enhance the efficiency for remembering what was learned. In addition, the atmosphere created by games can be especially helpful for those students who do not respond well to other types of structured learning activities. Implementation of instructional games in the classroom is not only motivational but will result in higher achievement.

The games and activities included with this course are excellent for cooperative learning groups, learning centers, and whole class participation in grades 1-3. Skill areas include spelling, word usage, vocabulary development, proofreading, basic math, problem solving, critical thinking, and more.

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