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Teaching Track & Field - ATH-925

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This course will provide instruction on how to operate a track and field program. Teachers and coaches at all levels will learn to incorporate national standards into their coaching. Each student will learn the basics of coaching all events in track and field. An in-depth study of one event category will be undertaken by each participant. Teachers and coaches will learn practical lessons which will help them become more knowledgeable regarding track and field coaching. This course incorporates the use of national standards into assignments and projects. The student will learn to design training programs which utilize knowledge of physiological systems and how they respond to conditioning. The participant will also learn to instruct student athletes in proper mechanics of movement for a variety of track and field events. Finally, the student will learn about the energy needs of the body, and from which of the body's systems they are derived for various track events.

National standards developed by NASPE, NSSC, and NBPTS have been used to develop the curriculum for this course. NOTE: The required text, Coaching Track & Field Successfully, by Mark Guthrie, must be purchased separately. It may be purchased online through the following dealers: www.humankinetics.com, www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.borders.com, or www.varsitybooks.com

Course Type: Distance

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