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Nutrition for Sports - ATH-914

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Proper nutrition is essential for individuals who want to perform well in sports, maintain the benefits of fitness, reduce their risk of injury, and prevent nutrition-related diseases. During this course, participants will learn how easy it is for athletes to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Participants will have the opportunity to maintain a diet record for an athlete and will learn how to conduct a diet analysis. Through this analysis, coaches and teachers will discover areas where improvements could occur. Next they will work with the athlete and create a nutritional plan that provides the recommended amounts of essential nutrients for optimal health and performance.

Many coaches and athletes feel that physical training is the only way to improve physical performance. There are several primary factors that influence a person?s athletic performance. Nutrition along with a properly constructed physical training program might be the secret ingredient to optimizing athletic performance. NOTE: Required textbook must be purchased separately.

Course Type: Distance

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